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Register Now for Summer Select Teams

By Treasure State Lacrosse, 11/09/20, 1:00PM MST


Join TSL this summer and grow your game at top regional and national events!

We are very excited to announce that registration is now open for our 2021 Summer Select Teams! Join the fun and grow your game with Treasure State Lacrosse this summer! 

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE ON TSL SELECT TEAMS! If you are interested in competing with Treasure State Lacrosse Select Teams next summer and have any questions about our program, please email 


Join Treasure State Lacrosse Select Teams this summer and grow your game! Compete against top regional and national competition, learn from the best coaches in the region, and develop your skills in the best way possible - by playing games! 


Please note, completing this registration does not guarantee your player a spot on our Select Teams - final determination is made by our staff. There is no charge for completing this online registration. Completing this registration does indicate your desire to play, and we will do our best to accommodate everyone! All players will be notified when they have been officially accepted to a team. Each team will be capped by overall number and by position to ensure quality playing time for all participants. 


Players and families should be aware of the full team schedule and be prepared to attend the full summer calendar. If you have a prior commitment that conflicts, it may not exclude you from participating, but our goal is to have each team in full at each event. Please let our staff now in advance of any potential conflicts. 


Here are the teams we are offering for the 2021 summer season, as well as each teams schedule.


  Training Camp Hot Shots Chicago Cup Legends The Gathering Border Wars Great Harvest East Trip
  Bozeman, MT Bend, OR Chicago, IL SLC, UT Whitefish, MT Whitefish, MT Yakima, WA Richmond, VA
TEAM June 12-13 June 19-20 June 28-30 July 6-8 July 16-18 July 20-22 Aug 7-8 Aug 9-12
*Boys 2022 National X   X X   X   X
*Boys 2023 National X   X X   X   X
*Boys 2024 National X   X X   X   X
Boys 2022 Selects X X     X   X  
Boys 2023 Selects X X     X   X  
Boys 2024 Selects X X     X   X  
Boys 2025 Selects X X     X   X  
Boys 2026 Selects X X     X   X  
Boys 2027 Selects X X     X   X  
Boys 2028 Selects X X     X   X  
Boys 2029 Selects X X     X   X  
Boys 2030 Selects X X     X   X  
Girls HS Elite (2022,23,24) X X   X X   X  
Girls HS Rising (2024/2025) X X     X   X  
Girls 2026/2027 X X     X   X  
Girls 2028/2029 X X     X   X  

* National teams are selected on an invitation-only basis. Eligible players may play for both Selects and National teams at their grade level, however playing for Selects is not required to play for the National team program. 



Boys National Teams - $885/player

Boys 2022-2029 Selects - $685/player

Boys 2030 Selects - $365/player

Girls HS Elite - $795/player

All Other Girls Teams - $685/player

*Team Dues include uniform, tournament fees, and coaches. Travel is not included (National teams will have coordinated group travel for out-of-state events). 


For more information prior to registering, please contact Kevin Flynn at