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Treasure State Lacrosse Select Teams

Treasure State Lacrosse Select Teams are exclusive opportunities for our region's top players. Our Selects program is the longest running and largest travel program in region, with hundreds of players who have competed at events all over the country and many who have gone on to play in college. 

Our higher level teams expose players to collegiate lacrosse options, through access to national recruiting events and our coaches extensive connections in the sport. The younger level teams are developmental, where players expand their understanding of the game through advanced coaching and by competing against other top talent. 

All players in our Select program will receive training from top coaches, gain valuable assessment of their skills, be able to ask questions and get answers on any topic relating to the sport - and take their experiences home to help us elevate the lacrosse community! 


Please note that completing the online application does not guarantee your player a spot on our Select Teams - final determination is made by our staff. There is no charge for completing this online registration. 

Completing the online application does indicate your desire to play, and we will do our best to accommodate everyone! All players will be notified when they have been officially accepted to a team. Each team will be capped by overall number and by position to ensure quality playing time for all participants. 

Players and families should be aware of the full team schedule and be prepared to attend the full schedule for their team.  Due to the geography of our region, TSL Select Teams do not practice regularly and only meet on the dates provided below. With this format, TSL Select Teams are also open to players outside Montana who are looking for additional competitive opportunities. If you have a prior commitment that conflicts, it may not exclude you from participating, but our goal is to have each team in full at each event. Please let our staff know upon registering or in advance of any potential conflicts. 

We rely on accurate roster counts and player commitments to plan our programming. Additionally, a player’s team fees are applied to coaches travel, tournament fees, uniforms, etc. While we understand that unforeseen circumstances (ie. injury, sickness, family emergencies) may occur over the course of a season, we are not able to offer refunds of team fees if a player cannot attend an event.  




For more information or to inquire about joining one of our Select Teams, please contact us at & Prospective players should be ready to provide coach references.