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The Montana Premier Lacrosse League (M.P.L.L.) offers competitive summer league play for Boys, Girls, and Adult Mens players. The M.P.L.L. features an 8 v 8 format on an 80-yard field, as well as a 2-pt arc and other modified rules. Registration is open to individual players, who are then assigned to teams via a draft system. M.P.L.L. games are free for spectators and family friendly - with each play-day including livestreamed games, social components, and special events designed to grow the game of lacrosse in Montana! 

Over twenty 2020 M.P.L.L. games will be live streamed!

"Head Above" Performers will be awarded each play day, winners will receive a free lacrosse head!

2020 REGISTRATION IS OPEN - Please be advised of the complete schedule prior to submitting your registration! NOTE: As of 5/18 we have updated the MPLL Summer Schedule. This was done in an effort to consolidate our resources and allow for some more time to dial in our operations for the unique challenges of this summer. We are moving forward with confidence that games will be played!

It is expected that participating players attend most/all of the games during the summer season. You may select a teammate(s) you wish to play with - however final rosters will ultimately be determined by the M.P.L.L. and General Managers. 



July 11th in Bozeman

July 25th in Helena

August 8th/9th in Missoula


We can't wait to hit the field again in 2020 for another awesome summer of MPLL action! We’re growing this thing in a big way - by adding new divisions for boys and girls and creating even more opportunities to showcase our amazing sport to fans across the state! Here's how it all works;

1) Players register individually for each league. Registration is capped by the overall number of players and by position-specific availability, on a first-come-first-served basis.

2) Players are assigned to teams via a draft, which will be coordinated by the league and coaches. 

3) Every team will play on each play day

4) Every team will be coached by the staff at Treasure State Lacrosse




$50/player for Mens Masters (35+) (6 games) - Cancelled

$95/player for Adult Mens (7-10 games)

$145/player for High School Boys (11 games) - Adjusted

$145/player for 7th/8th Boys (11 games)

$145/player for 5th/6th Boys (11 games)

$95/player for High School Girls (7-8 games)

$95/player for 7th/8th Girls (7-8 games)


*Goalies receive a $25/player discount*

**TSL Select Team players receive a $45/player discount**

***Grades are based on the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar***

Please note that USLacrosse Membership is required for players. This must be done through USLacrosse (link in registration) prior to completing team registration.

For more information prior to registering, check out M.P.L.L. social media, watch for Info Meetings, or contact