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The Registration "Montana Premier Lacrosse League" is not currently available.

The Registration "Montana Premier Lacrosse League" is not currently available.


The Montana Premier Lacrosse League (M.P.L.L.) offers competitive summer league play for Boys, Girls, and Adult Mens players. The M.P.L.L. features an 8 v 8 format on an 80-yard field, as well as a 2-pt arc and other modified rules. Registration is open to individual players, who are then assigned to teams via a draft system. M.P.L.L. games are free for spectators and family friendly - with each play-day including livestreamed games, social components, and special events designed to grow the game of lacrosse in Montana! 

**Many 2021 M.P.L.L. games will be live streamed!

**"Head Above" Performers will be awarded each play day, winners will receive a free lacrosse head!




HS Boys sold out for 2020 summer and fall seasons, secure your spot by registering online with deposit!



Please be advised of the complete schedule prior to submitting your registration! NOTE: After successful summer and fall seasons of operations, we are moving forward with confidence that games will be played next summer! In the event that divisions do not fill/sell out, we may end up modifying or even canceling some divisions. Every effort will be made to get players on the field playing games!

It is expected that participating players attend most/all of the games during the season. You may request a teammate(s) you wish to play with - however final rosters will ultimately be determined by the M.P.L.L. and General Managers. 



Coming soon...



Coming soon...


We can't wait to hit the field again in 2021 for another awesome season of MPLL action! We’re growing this thing in a big way - by adding new divisions for boys and girls and creating even more opportunities to showcase our amazing sport to fans across the state! Here's how it all works;

1) Players register individually for each league. Registration is capped by the overall number of players and by position-specific availability, on a first-come-first-served basis.

2) Players are assigned to teams via a draft, which will be coordinated by the league and coaches. 

3) Every team will play on each play day

4) Every team will be coached by the staff at Treasure State Lacrosse


For more information prior to registering, check out M.P.L.L. social media, watch for Info Meetings, or contact



We have spent many hours developing our plan to keep athletes and spectators as safe as possible during this event, coordinating with local health department and state guidelines - but we are relying on everyone to follow these guidelines and be diligent regarding personal sanitization and hygiene. 

  • COACHES, SPECTATORS & STAFF (Including trainers, table staff, and parking staff) will be REQUIRED to wear masks where 6-ft distancing cannot be practiced.  We encourage players and officials to wear masks while they are not suited up to warm-up or play a game. Extra masks will be available at the HQ tent, but we strongly encourage anyone in attendance to bring their own mask(s).

  • All attendees are asked to perform a self-evaluation for COVID-related symptoms no more than 2 hours prior to arrival at the fields. Anyone exhibiting symptoms or testing positive for COVID within 14 days prior to the event will not be allowed to attend. Persons in high risk groups are NOT recommended to attend the event. Anyone who begins to exhibit symptoms of COVID while at the facility must notify the HQ tent and leave immediately. 

  • Staff will temperature check EACH PLAYER AND SPECTATOR upon arrival to the field. Players and Spectators must head to the HQ tent immediately upon arrival, and once cleared can go back to get their equipment and join their teams. Everyone must wear masks while having their temperature checked. Players are limited to two family members in attendance!

  • Please respect 6-ft social distancing at all times. This is especially important in the parking lot and sideline areas, and we need your help to ensure these standards are met. 

  • Each field will have a dedicated Field Supervisor who will direct teams on when and where to enter and exit the field sidelines.

  • Teams are only allowed to warm up on the property 45 min before their game starts and must leave the sidelines immediately after their game ends. Please DO NOT COME EARLY OR STAY AFTER GAMES, it is critical that we minimize our overall group size as much as possible during this event. 

  • Teams will NOT shake hands after games.

  • Officials are instructed to blow the whistle to stop play at any point during the game when too many players are congregating in a small area (which also happens to be bad lacrosse). Possession will be awarded via AP. 

  • No sharing of tents/equipment/food, etc. with other players.

  • NO TAILGATING OR TENTS anywhere on the property except for on the sideline of games for player shade.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available on each sideline.

  • NO WATER JUGS WILL BE PROVIDED AT THE FIELDS. Please bring personal water bottles for your players.  We suggest getting single-use water bottles if you want to bring team water to the field.  We will have recycling available to dispose of single-use bottles.


  • Any food trucks in attendance will be following social distancing guidelines and will only be providing sealed meals. They are required to provide their own hand sanitization options.

  • Marked Lines will be placed on the concrete/grass in order to prevent congestion at bathrooms. Please help us minimize the use of bathrooms at the facility by using the services where you are lodging prior to arriving at the fields. 

  • We encourage teams and families to avoid large gatherings, restaurants (order take out instead), or visiting high risk places like water parks or gyms while in attendance of the tournament.

  • If these policies are not followed, we may be forced to run games without spectators and/or possibly require teams to leave the event entirely.



2018 Summer League Champions - N/A

2019 Summer League Champions - HS Boys Division - Mountaineers

2020 Summer League Champions - HS Boys Division - Mountaineers

2020 Summer League Champions - 7/8 Boys Division - Pathfinders

2020 Fall League Champions - HS Boys Division -  Mountaineers*



2019 Summer Season "Head Above" Performers: 

Brendan Cahill (Watchmen / Whitefish)

Mekhi Davis (Mountaineers / Helena)

Asa Deskins (Watchmen / Sentinel)

Blue Flynn (Mountaineers / Hellgate)

Ethan Frey (Wave Riders / West Billings)

Taigen Hagen (Mountaineers / Helena)

Quill Keller (Watchmen / Helena) 

Kaden Kinney (Mountaineers / Bozeman)

Bryce Krenik (Wave Riders / Great Falls)

Keon Lockie (Wave Riders / West Billings)


2020 Summer Season "Head Above" Performers: 

Nico Bugni (Mountaineers / Helena)

Asa Deskins (Watchmen / Sentinel) 

Jacob Johnson (Drifters / Bozeman)

Kaden Kinney (Mountaineers / Bozeman)

Kahn Minster-Schlegel (Drifters / Bozeman)


2020 Fall Season "Head Above" Performers: 

Marcus Clapper (Watchmen / Bozeman)

Mekhi Davis (Mountaineers / Helena)

Trent Long (Mountaineers / West Billings)

Karsten Squillance (Wave Riders / Bozeman)